4 comments on “I Miss Peter Camejo

  1. One thing I’m sure Peter Camejo would NOT have done, unlike the members of the ISO, was celebrating in the streets when Wall Street’s favorite son, Obama, won the election…regardless of how many of the “masses” may have been doing so.


  2. During the Vietnam war, Camejo would explain: there are three groups in society who can end the war. One is big business, because they control the government anyway. They can end the war any time they want. The others are the working class and the GIs themselves. The GIs can end the war by refusing to fight. And the working class can shut down production and the economy, so that no military supplies are made or transported, no recruits are transported, and big business’s profits are interrupted. He went on to explain how our antiwar strategies have to be designed to bring the working class and GIs into action against the war, and that confrontational tactics by student radicals were ineffective by themselves. In effect, they amounted to asking the ruling class to end the war and threatening to misbehave if they did not. He turned out to be right: it was opposition to the war within the military that ultimately caused the war to be ended. Generalized mutinies didn’t happen, but they would have if the war had continued, and Nixon knew it.

    Camejo explained that large peaceful legal demonstrations were the best way of organizing so that the labor movement and antiwar GIs and veterans could participate and make their opposition to the war known. Once they were involved in the antiwar movement, Camejo argued, they KNEW how to take more militant and effective action, and would do so when they were ready.


  3. Amen! There’s no doubt in my mind that Peter would have emerged as a leading educator and agitator in the midst of the Great Recession. He would have helped educate a whole new generation of radicals. His autobiography will be released soon. Info at: http://www.HaymarketBooks.org.

    Peter Camejo, presenté

    Todd Chretien


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