2 comments on “Mná na h-Éireann

  1. Thanks for linking to Come Here To Me, much appreciated!

    If you’re interested in women in Irish Republicanism, and haven’t yet, pick up ‘Unmanageable Revolutionaries’ by Margaret Ward. Amazing account of women in republicanism from the line of the Landies Land League up to the 1970s.

    Your blog is fantastic, I’m skimming it now over a cofee!
    In solidarity,


    • thanks for the tip and the kind words Donal, I’ve just checked and my library has it. If some of the republican women I know are any indication of the past, that’s going to be a rich history. Look forward to it. After watching the TG4 film I saw that they have a bunch of other great stuff, including on the Limerick Soviet. As soon as finals are over, I ‘ve got a good night with Irish language history documentaries planned. If it’s radical Dublin history you’re after (or all things Dublin) Come Here To Me is the place to go. Best,



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