3 comments on “Reading The Grundrisse; Thinking About Athens’ Rage

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  2. I like the passage from Marx. It must be remembered that the Grundrisse is Marx working out ideas, not finishing them and they should be taken that way) and the post is well intentioned. But it strikes me as incredibly amateurish and naive. You talk about roots as if people weren’t actors. For better or worse the majority of Greek people seem to support the austerity measures. Perhaps this is because they see no alternative. That is the fault of the notoriously apolitical anarchist culture and the careerists of the KKE in Greece. I won’t even mention the Trotskyists- they have fingers in every pot. It seems to me that the left has failed to win the majority to their vision, even if I share it, and are now taking out there anger at the majority instead of trying to figure out how to win them. Perhaps is you knew more about Greece you could draw conclusions not rooted in Marxist presuppositions?

    Teo in Toronto


    • Teo, I thought my whole point was that the working class were engaging as actors. I’m the first to recognize that I don’t know enough about the situation to speak with authority on many specifics. That’s kind of why the post is looking at the broadest level I could. As for the Grundrisse, Marx would be first to point out that it is in the process of investigation that discoveries are made and new questions raised. It retains all of it’s theoretical validity, since all ‘science’ is a work in progress. As for the majority, my guess is that the answer would be based on the question. Winning the majority requires patient explanation, agreed. But it also requires bold action when necessary as well as a clear program you seem able to enact (which requires- gasp- parties) among many of the other things outside of our hands that develop consciousness. Now, I agree with you that the left has failed in promoting that alternative (though we may disagree on what that alternative might look like). But to caution patience and caution when the stakes are such as they are and the ruling class as committed as it is seems to me to be, well, naive…and certainly won’t win any majorities, especially within the working class.



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