7 comments on “Rustbelt’s Query: What To Do With BP?

  1. We don’t have to bring “Brownie” back… apparently the sludge, according to one report I read, has the consistency of “brownie batter”. I live two blocks from the beach in Miami Beach and we’re bracing for it. I’m hopping mad and so are many others. We started organizing to build a campaign to target BP, demand massive restitution, and oppose offshore drilling. The ultimate solutions are being debated within our coalition which is just getting started and doesn’t have a name yet. ANSWER is doing the “Seize BP” campaign also, but they I think will be working with us as well. We’ll be protesting outside a BP gas station in South Beach this Saturday (not my preferred action, but okay…). More to come….


    • Cities burning to the sound of fiddles can’t help but produce a little cynicism. Running to the hills is an option I never take off the table. Some days it’s pretty high on the list.


    • there’s some pretty tough competition for worst energy company. Massey is way up there on my list right now too. Let’s just agree that Petro Chemical Multinationals are all evil, earth killing, profit mad enemies. Thanks for the links!


  2. you are 100% right that with solar power or any other renewable resource, the location of the war will just shift. as with any resource. what to do with BP? not only BP is the problem – if it isn’t them, it will just be someone else. for the meantime, throw them in prison. and then firgue out what to do with the rest of the oil industry. but it cannot be more clear, nothing short of rev9olution will stop this. that or the utter devastation of the planet.


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