11 comments on “The Lobby and Legitimacy: Let’s Get Some Things Straight

  1. Thanks Seamus,

    I’ve, to my regret, never been to Cork, but it is way up on my list. Perhaps my next trip to Ireland.

    I first read it on Haaretz, but can’t find that report with a quick search. Here is a Turkish (English language) article on IDF-Turkish military cooperation and sales and how the crisis has affected them (or not as the case may be): Turkey’s military programs with Israel remain in place

    And from a Reuters report from yesterday this quote “Turkey’s defense minister said last week a $180 million deal for Israeli-made Heron drones will not be affected by the tensions.”



  2. Rustbelt- Greeting from Rebel Cork! I’m not challenging you, but I would like to know where your assertion on Turkey and the drones comes from. If only to use it myself!

    Great blog, by the way.



  3. Kurdish organisation are involved, e.g. there was a revolutionary bloc at last Saturdays Demo involving Kurdish, Turkish, Palestinian and German revolutionary leftists, their leaflet pointed e.g. at the involvement of right-wing groups and called for genuine internationalism … a problem may be the strong influence of pan-arabism among many palestinian and arabic organisations in Germany … they were able to send open right-wingers away at that demo of around 1.000-1.500 people … some days before, it was different: http://file1.carookee.com/forum/freies-politikforum/file/3954393/26.jpg … 15 years ago, it would have been impossible to have this mixture of flags at a demonstration in Germany due to the much stronger presence of the Kurdish question among leftists in Germany


      • the MHP is the main fascist party in Turkey, better known as “Grey Wolves”, the BBP is a breakaway group of them which tries to combine Turkish fascism with islamic aspects and Saadet Partisi/Millî Görüş are the strongest Turkish religious fundamentalist organisations (emerged like today’s ruling party AKP out of the Fazilet/Refah in 2001)


      • Ughhhhh. I hope that the left and the solidarity movement attempts to draw a sharp line between themselves and those that, in different circumstances, would leave them bound and dead on the side of a road. Do Kurdish organizations in Germany make any attempt to work with Palestinian and vice-versa?

        I remember a demonstration against the NATO bombing of Serbia in Detroit where we, a handful of socialist and anti-imperialists were vastly outnumbered by folks wearing full-on museum worthy Chetnik regalia. Of course we were correct to protest NATO’s war, but….


  4. The Jewish Autonomous Oblast still exists, believe it or not. No Russian government has ever got round to abolishing it.


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