9 comments on “Around The Bend?

  1. I recently defended Israel from the charge that it is developing into a fascist state (from the standpoint of Israeli Jews) but I am having doubts after watching these videos. From the standpoint of the Palestinians Israel has always behaved like a fascist state, both before (military occupation just as on the West Bank now) and after 1967. There are few enough genuine ethnocratic capitalist states in the world, but perhaps they all move to the Far Right in this way before they self-destruct either through revolution, war, external pressures or a combination of all three. Israel is on this path, and India may be moving that way (http://www.countercurrents.org/roy140610.htm).


  2. el sionisme desacredita la cultura i el poble jueu amb un fanatisme increíble.

    No coneixen ni la seva pròpia història: Hanna Arendt, Walter Benjamin, no van ser mai Sionistes. Fanatisme sionista reprodueix el nazisme.

    solidaritat amb Palestina.

    what’s goin on, zionists?

    no volem una lluita entre identitats, pobres contra pobres, racisme i imperialisme.

    cal un projecte emancipador arreu del món, recuperar l’internacionalisme dels oprimits i deixar les disputes identitàries a un segon terme.

    socialisme o barbàrie!


  3. “Lazertag:”

    “Dead celebrity fake leftists;” who might you be referring to; Ernest Mandel Issac Deutscher, Lenin and Trotsky? If they’re fake, then who is the real deal? Reformist “anarchists” who helped Joe Stalin’s Popular Front crush the Spanish revolution I suppose.

    For his part, Mandel was in the anti-Nazi resistance in Belgium in WWII and escaped from the Nazis twice. That seems to me like doing the walking as well as the talking. Can you match that? Can your cronies? I think the records of the other dead guys speak for themselves as well.

    As for “If people like yourself had realized that earlier we wouldn’t be where we are,” I assume you are referring to the Stalinists suuport for the partition of Palestine and the subsequent creation of Israel. That is, if you are even familiar with those facts. If you are, you might also know that the Trotskyist Fourth International, for whatever it was worth at the time, never supported Zionism or Israel. And as Casey Stengel used to say, you can look it up.


    • Appreciated MNRoy. Genuine communists have always been opposed to the Zionist project. I have no idea of Lazertags politics, or if any politics at all lurk there. He(?) seems to think that because I haven’t , and would never, classified all Israelis as fascists that I am an agent of Zionism. I am pretty confident that the writer has no idea or concept of any of the history or people you refer to.

      As for the “celebrity” remark, I take it to have meant Harold Pinter. The Pinter piece I posted is a poem, not analysis, but I would suggest it says as much about the mentality of the oppression as a lot of the best analysis I’ve read. There are a class of lefties who despise Pinter because he was…an artist. Instead of writing several of the most important plays of the 20th century, apparently, his time would have been better spent selling Workers Vanguard on market days or forsaking poetry to put M80s in mailboxes, or whatever they think passes for “serious” politics. But that’s not Pinter and to ascribe a yardstick of activism reserved for 1900’s Wobblies to a playwright is unfair to Pinter and to Wobblies. To Lazertag, and all of Pinter’s “left” critics, all I can say is that his words against imperialism and injustice are more eloquent and have been heard by more people than all of your shrill voices combined. I don’t have to agree with all of those words to acknowledge and celebrate that either. On the level of artistic achievement, (“art is for the middle classes” a shrill voice sounds) Pinter needs no defense, his work speaks for itself.

      But didn’t I end last with “enough of that’?
      OK, Enough of that.


    • I must be blogging under a bridge, because marauding trolls keep lummoxing through. To your credit, at least you struck out swinging Lazertag. If you choose to play ball on this site again read the comments policy blurb first. Apropos section: “comments of someone whose sole reason for writing is to be a jerk don’t get approved”

      And since I am going to exercise the blogger’s prerogative of The Final Word: The potential fascist danger in Israel is a serious, deadly serious, subject. One that demands to be discussion. Your pithy, ill-informed and ignorant remarks do no service to the cause you think you are defending.

      OK, enough of that.


  4. A little late on the draw I’m afraid Rustbelt. The Zionazis rounded that bend the moment they boarded the train. If people like yourself had realized that earlier we wouldn’t be where we are.


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