2 comments on “Harold Pinter Stares Down The Apologists Of Murder And Demands Answers

  1. I brilliant choice, Rustbelt. If only Pinter and Bill Hicks were still with us.

    BTW, I’m still smiling over your comment about Twain and Ecclesiastes.
    Thanks. 🙂


    • Thanks MM

      I couldn’t agree more regarding Pinter and Hicks (and by no means just for their politics). If I could have seen any performance in the last decade it would have been Pinter in Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape just before he passed. Alas.

      I can’t abide eejits sometimes and the fool who was cyber-tussling with you is a real eejit. I grew up in a house where Twain was quoted, more less, everyday, while I’m not sure if there was even a Bible in the building. He helped make a heathen of me from an early age….all without fear of fire, brimstone and pointy sticks. Hmmm, Mark Twain or the Old Testament? Both have murder, hypocrisy, slavery, screwed up families and stories about crossing rivers. But the difference between Ecc. and dear old Mark can be summed up as:
      Ecclesiastes: “Let Go, Let God. All Will Be Well!”
      Twain: “Let Go Of God! We Are Making Our Own Hell”

      If I were stuck on a desert island with the Old Testament, I’d call it a day and just start swimming out to sea (hoping, no doubt, some whale would swallow me whole). Stuck on the same island with the works of Twain and I’d happily put my feet up, drink coconut milk and chuckle under the bright sun ’til the End Of Days.


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