6 comments on “A Communist’s Divination: For A New “Jewish” State

  1. It’s here: http://robertlindsay.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/israels-key-vulnerability-by-paul-grenville/
    What’s missing of course from my article is the necessity of an multi nation Arab revolution to overthrow the Jewish state, after which the Hebrew nation would become a national minority in an Arabic speaking republic that could stretch from Iraq to Morocco. An Israeli Marxist, Moshé Machover, pointed out out this fundamental flaw in my piece. The Jewish working class is incorporated into the Zionist project, and national-ethnic interests overdetermine class interests; hence their lack of linkage with the Arab masses in Egypt and elsewhere.


  2. I am sane and I like your blog. I’d been reading Robert Lindsay’s blog. You’ll find my article Israel’s Key Vulnerability on there, under my name, Paul Grenville. No, I’m not Jewish. I’m a UK communist. Just read your post on Mark Twain (I’ve read Puddenhead Wilson), Cats and Communism and emailed it to a Maoist friend. So you may shortly have two UK readers.


  3. So — what is it to be? Proletarian internationalism or Jewish nationalism? I think the answer is both. As Kevin MacDonald suggests, self-deception for the better deception of others. The banner reads: “Proletarian internationalism” but everyone gathered beneath that banner is Jewish.

    Some of us can now see this quite clearly.


    • By “some of us” you must mean members of the National Socialist Movement. And what you see clearly is only a reflection of your Jew hatred. Kevin MacDonald is a fascist nut and I take it you are too, so don’t bother on this blog again. BTW, when you look in the dictionary under the definition of “goyem” you’ll see a picture of me…and I proudly gather beneath the banner.

      In the last week I have been accused of virulent anti-semitism and of coddling and enabling Zionist crimes. Does one sane person read this blog?!


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