3 comments on “Exciting News! A Challenge For Leadership Of The UAW

  1. I am a delegate at the UAW convention, and I support Gary for president. We are having a hell of a time here even passing out our flyers. I will update more later, and I am writing a piece on the convention for Labor Notes—working title–“the politics of the strike”.


  2. Clearly, it appears that behind the system’s failing financial/credit superstructure lies a crisis deep in the heart of its infrastructure—a classic major crisis of overproduction that will sink deeper than it did during the Great Depression. Worse yet, unlike during the 1930s when the USA was the richest country in the world and virtually debt free, today it may still be a creditor to the world, but it is also the world’s biggest debtor. A debtor, however with a debt so great that not long from now the USA will not be able to service its debts and if the dollar collapses, gold, which it doesn’t have, will take the place of the dollar, the euro and all other currencies. That explains why their only hope is driving mass living standards down as low as they can or face the collapse of their entire house of cards. Somewhere down the line, however, all hell will break loose and a global rebellion by the workers of the world—literally—will begin at the highest point of political sophistication reached by the world working class during the 1930s everywhere.

    Ironically, and paradoxically, the great victories made by American workers in the 1930s and 40s, raised living standards which in turn causes workers to take a well-earned vacation from keeping the pressure on the bosses on their front burner—they thought they had a right to enjoy some of the little so-called luxuries of life. That led many good union men and women to describe themselves as a part of the middle class—even though they nonetheless had to endure the toil and troubles of all working workers. Thus, they knew they were still workers but the culture of capitalist society is such that no one wants to be looked down upon by the real middle class in their neighborhood.

    Besides, whereas in the 1930s most of us had little to lose, by the 1950s we had a whole lot more to lose than then. Remember that good old labor slogan
    that ends with the words, “…you have nothing to lose but your chains and a world to win!” If not now, not long from now a lot more of us will also have little to lose but our chains!



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