5 comments on “Leon Trotsky Offers Some Thoughts On Bloody Sunday And The War In Ireland

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  2. yada yada yada. You have to search back to 1909 for a comment you think relevant? no wonder the left is totally left out.


    • 1909? You don’t read the blog my friend. If memory serves, I’ve gone at least as far back as 98 CE and Tacitus, though I may have thrown in some New Testament or some Greeks in some post I don’t remember. For some reason, in all of my searching, I have not found the past to be bereft of good and/or interesting writing. Strange that; several thousand years of folks putting pen to paper (or papyrus, as the case may be), and some of it might happen to be worth repeating. I wonder if any one will read what we write?

      I didn’t post it for it’s relevance however, I posted it for its beauty. Trotsky could be a superb writer and the beauty in which I felt this set of words succinctly sums up a certain worldview that I proudly share…is enough for me. It came to my mind today as I was listening to Eammon Mcann talking on Democracy Now about folks lining up to join the IRAs after the event and Bernadette McAliskey’s piece in the Guardian. I don’t do sacred texts, unless you count the collected career statistics of Pete Rose as sacred (one definition of sacred is: ‘inspiring awe among believers in a given set of spiritual ideas.’) Well maybe, in a certain sense then, Trotsky’s text is “sacred” to me.


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