2 comments on “Saville Report: Far From Closure

  1. Keep me informed of your positions on the big political questions of the day and the days to come which I believe will provoke the greatest pre-revolutionary mass working-class rebellion in world capitalist history. With an outcome that can only end in either world socialism or barbarism—or worse.


  2. This was from Eirigi. Do the Irish Socialist Democrats work wirh Eirigi?

    Mac Cionnaith continued: “If David Cameron is truly sorry about what happened on Bloody Sunday he can do a few things to right the wrongs. Firstly, he can take his troops out of this country and Afghanistan, ensuring that never again will British soldiers run amok in cities and towns where they are not welcome.

    “Secondly, he can remove the whole apparatus of the occupation from Ireland and recognise the Irish people’s right to unity and self-determination. He can do likewise in Afghanistan.

    “Finally, he can declare Britain’s resolve to never again interfere in the internal affairs of another country and drown democratic movements in blood.

    “When David Cameron does these things, we will know he and his government are sincere about righting the wrongs of the past.”


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