5 comments on “Exhale Redux

  1. extraordinari “forcing” en alto sax!!! una compulsiva ona expansiva i expressionista sense fronteres….aquesta música és una explosió enmig del crash de la civilització i sotmet tots els paràmetres i convencions a un curt-circuït escepcional.

    Brottzman!!!! tonificant!!!!!!


  2. jumping jacks- I can totally believe that. What a line up! Would love to have seen that. Two of my favorite discs are Die Like a Dog’s Always Too Early/Never Too Late for the late Peter Kowald and Little Birds Have Fast Hearts. Where was it? At the Kerrytown? Canterbury?


  3. The greatest concert I ever saw was in April of 2000 in Ann Arbor with Brotz, Hamid Drake, William Parker and Roy Campbell Jr. At one point Drake and Parker were doing an almost rock type beat and then Brotzmann came in shrieking. I can still heart it.


    • I didn’t know that, but it makes sense. It’s all about music from below, as an instrument of communication rather than the production of a commodity it thrives in and fosters community. It crosses all ‘genres’ (a marketing concept if there ever was one). It is no surprise to me that his son got into the punk and oi! scene and then became even more experimental. half the partisans of free music I know, including myself, cut their teeth in the punk scene.


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