5 comments on “The Summer of Zombie White Supremacy

  1. You’re certainly right about “Britain”. Yes, I intentionally put it in quotations because, as we both know, the United Kingdom of Great Britain is a craven political construct brought at the point of a quill, a musket, and a sword. My analogy is the woman being told to marry the man who just raped and killed her daughter. It’s crude, but you get the point.
    I’m an American but have lived in the UK for the last five years for a number of reasons, including the Bush junta thievery of two elections, 9/11 (I was a mile away from the Pentagon when it was hit (and for the record, it was not a plane because I didn’t see one)), and I had the opportunity after many years of wanting to get out of America, which started when Reagan became president (I was an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota at the time), ushering the time of what I call the American Troubles, being mindful of the Troubles in occupied Ireland (and it still is, with 10,000 troops still stationed, headquartered in Belfast and Derry).
    I found you comment on Marx’s treatise on Ireland instructive, because it’s one of the reasons I’m writing a PhD thesis on 16th century Ireland and English colonial policy, which I contend began with Henry VII (yes, you read that right, even though the English showed up in Ireland in 1169). Imperialism is the main motivation behind capitalism and emerged whenever there is a drive to not only seize resources but to rewrite history itself in the service of capitalism. This was certain happening in the 16th century when capitalism was beginning to rear its ugly festering head and has continued unabated into our present era, where we threatened with our very annihilation and the destruction of all life itself.
    The problem with capitalism and those in its service is that they refuse to believe they will also be destroyed, but somehow its servitors think they’re immune from its rapaciousness.
    I apologise for taking up so much space here, as I tend to ramble quite a bit, but I just wanted to tell you thank for posting this up here.


  2. This Glen Ford is as good as the other one in the Big Heat with Lee Marvin and Gloria Graham. Like a combination of Malcolm X and Mumia; especially when he talks about Obama being a “house Negro” for the richest white men on the planet and a warmonger against some of the poorest brown people as well. The former goes hand in hand with the latter (or vice versa) of course. Along with Paul Street, he’s one of the few briight spots to come along on the “left” horrizon.


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