3 comments on “King In His Own Words; Get On The Bus

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  2. Regarding the sanitizing of MLK by bourgeois “public opinion,” remember what Lenin said about their ability to turn dead revolutionaries into harmless and saintly icons compatable with the system they in fact spent their whole life struggling against.

    While King was never as radical as Malcolm X or the Black Panther Party were, he was the one figure in the US in the late sixties who had the potential to bring together anti-war and civil rights activists with trade unionists in a common struggle. Indeed, King understood the key role that workers and unions coiuld play in the struggle against injustice and oppression when even an oujtstanding revolutionary like Malcolm X was still writing them off. That’s what his “Poor Peoples movement” aspired to be and that’s why the ruling class made sure to get him out of the way before he could even get started.

    Let’s not forget that King died an active opponent of the Vietnam war…when it was still LBJ’s war. Not only was he willing to break with the Democratic White House over this but he cut his ties with the other “civil rights leaders” who placed their own loyalty to the Democratic party and US imperialism before any and every thing else.

    The latter argued that by opposing the war in Vietnam, King was endangering LBJ’s support for the “war on poverty.” King, however, knew that the war in Vietnam, in and of itself, was, in fact, what was endangering the limited reforms of the “Great Society.”

    Compare King to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rest of today’s Black “leadership” which supports (or, at best, turns a blind eye to) Obama’s wars and his welfare for Wall Street. Can you imagine a single one of these house Negroes, as Glenn Ford would call them, openly attacking the US government as the greatest purveyor of violence in the world the way MLK did. To ask the question is to answer it.


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