7 comments on “The Place Of Tony Blair: Ten Reasons To Despise Him

  1. When the Social Democrats were crushing the revolution in Bavaria in 1919, the German anarchist Gustav Landauer said something along the lines of, “how low can the Social Democratic party go?” insofar as providing its services to the bourgeoisie were concerned. Well, you can’t get much lower than Tory Blair, can you?

    Hell, Blair even puts Gustav Noske to shame. The latter at least admitted that he was serving as a “bloodhound” for the bosses, whereas Bush’s poodle Blair still tries to pass himself off as a peacemaker!


  2. I agree with your sentiments but I have to ask ‘How was Blair possible?’ There are of course, trivial answers to a question like this but deeper answers are harder to find or piece together. Blair was much more than Blair, he represents something basic about what has happened. I find his existence at least partially troubling at a theoretical level as well as on a more human and practical level.


  3. Great job Rustbelt but you are too kind to the f***er. He should be made to walk around Sadr city with a sign saying “I killed your children”. Come what may.


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