3 comments on “LGBT Suicides: The Fire This Time

  1. forgive me for lifting this from a discussion list I am on, but here are some hastily written thoughts on the importance of open gay sexuality:

    ‘I want to explain why I think the desuxualizing LGBT folks is so important to resist. First of all, I’m for fucking in the streets and consider all consensual sex nature’s supreme blessing to our species. More importantly for this discussion, I think of all of the ways heterosexuality is expressed, openly and otherwise; in marketing, in every day discourse, in what we wear and what we consider attractive, how we view relationships and children, etc. etc. Sex is a huge, essential part of our lives so it is only natural that it manifests itself in nearly every facet. To deny gay sexuality is to deny access to all of this cultural exchange (with all of its contradictions). It takes gays folks out of the picture by denying the potency of their sexuality. It is to limit the scope of heterosexual norms as well. It makes us all the poorer. Secondly, there is something to be said about what our old friend Freud was on about concerning our psychologies and our sexualities, this is across the board. Even in a straight world, indeed, precisely with a straight world, sexual dissatisfaction, hang-ups and any number of associated mental difficulties, real pain is rampant among heterosexuals as it is among homosexuals. We’ve fucked up all sexualities; in a world where social relations rest on conflict that’s not surprising. Gay sexuality (and all of what that means) is just as central to the psychological make-up to gay folks as straight; it’s a universal human trait. But in a culture where gay sexuality is hidden or denied its sexual power the situation is doubly difficult, because there is no expression allowed for it. The world is replete, as it should be, with stories of straight sexual dissatisfaction; great art has come of it. Gay psychologies, gay cultures, mass or otherwise, wouldn’t exist without sex and sexuality (the same is true, of course, for straight). And finally, it is only through the open exploration of sex, however impossible under capitalism (though we shouldn’t deny ourselves trying to give it the best shot) that we might begin to find out for ourselves what liberated sexual relations feel like. Certainly we would move beyond categories likes gay or straight. What would that mean for how we might reconsider other gender roles? And then what might then we make of our own psyches?’


  2. I think that there’s a lot more going on than you write here. I do appreciate your passion, but this is really short on practical things and long on well meaning platitudes. I’ve also never been convinced by what I’ve read by marxists on the gay struggle, but I’ll check out your links.


    • Mike,

      This being a blog, there is a lot more going on than in any thing I might write. One person’s platitude is another person’s vision, I suppose. What is it about what Marxists have written that you find unconvincing? I suppose if you find Marxism unconvincing, most things on this blog will be as well. Do check out the links and thanks for stopping by.



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