3 comments on ““Ferro Iis Libertas Perveniet”

  1. Butler’s General Order No. 28 to “The Women of the Town” in New Orleans almost sparked another war between the U.S. and England because Lord Palmerston was looking for a fight. He took up the cause of the “insulted and victimized women” of New Orleans as his excuse for sabre rattling in the British Parliament.


  2. Are talking about Benjamin Butler? I don’t think his generalship was mediocre at all. His capture and administration of New Orleans, including his attempts to expropriate French banks [Credit Mobilier? I forget] were pretty audacious. And I think he proposed a plan for a Virginia campaign that would have considerably shortened the war and reduced casualties.

    But the issue of course is the courage, dedication, perseverance of the African-American troops in the Union Army, and on that you are 100% correct. It is one of the few glorious moments in US history, another, perhaps the only other being Radical Reconstruction and the Union League associations of former slaves in the South


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