6 comments on “UAW Workers Picket The UAW Over Two-Tier

  1. high i work at fairfax i hired in in 2008 were iwas makeing $23.00 something an hour. the are wounderful bargaing charmain got us hired on and at 14.00 hr. i didint get laid of or nothing just like that i am probly one of the first tiear twos. and when we complainede about it are bargaing charmain John Melton told us and i quote if u dont whant the job theres the fuck door theres aline of people whanting it. no shit he said that. that are union so were the fuck was everyone at to support us from the get go unh? i whant to know is it only when your own job is under attack u care, i support u all 110% but as we say in fairfax wtf (welcome to fairfax) thanks union brothers.


  2. The concessions given at the Orion Assembly plant and any others is a direct attack on the principals of the UAW Constitution. Especially in the area where GM is intent upon keeping outside Skilled Trades contractors working in the plant while they lay off UAW Local 5960 Skilled Trades that don’t fit into their plans. Orions pie in the sky number of trades persons for which they believe they can operate the plant is 92. Surely that number will increase, but even if it does it will not circumvent the fact that over close to 200 UAW trades will be laid off while Orion uses outside trades to work that has always been done by the Local Unions trades. On top of that, over the years GM Orion has not hired trade person or apprentice for over 10 years. They have steadily during this time allowed attrition ( through retirement or death )to bring down the amount of skilled trades working in the plant. The COA between the UAW and GM seems to be of a nature that an unfair labor practice has occurred and charges to the NLRB just might be forthcoming


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