7 comments on “The Rustbelt’s Voting Day Guide

  1. RR,

    Can you cite these studies? My sense is that there are so few people who consistently vote for third party/independent candidates that it is difficult to get a good sample of those who do. Maybe I’m wrong.


  2. Excellent point, old buddy. Afterall, while the Tea-bagers may be a bunch of assholes for thinking (or rather being paid by the GOP to think) that Obama is some kind of radical, the “despairing liberals hovering around the Dems,” as you put it, are an even bigger bunch of assholes for thinking that Obama was some kind of radica lto begin with…and still thinking it even after two years of his administration! Hardly the “material on which to build a political alternative,” indeed. But then again, given their class background and income, they really don’t have any interest in challenging the status quo, let alone, bringing it down, to begin with.


  3. If the GOP wins, look to the Dems to move to the right, or rather, even more to the right, just like Clinton did after the Republicans won in 1994, in order to steal their thunder by stealing their program, or at least those portions of it that won’t provoke any active opposition from their victims.

    On the other hand, if the Dems squeek by, look to them to move right anyway, since they don’t want to “alienate” the supposedly rightward moving “majority.”

    So either way, the ruling rich win, and we lose…and will continue to lose until independent working class politics makes a breakthrough and “lesser evilism” is no longer standard fare by what passes for “the left.”

    P.S. I voted for Howie Hawkins!


    • A few things I noticed that interested me. The Greens in Illinois seem like a real state party. They ran in most constituencies as well as in the State wide races polling 2 on the low end to 8 or 9% at the high. Illinois friends, what gives? Is it the stranglehold the thoroughly corrupt Illinois Dems have on state politics have meant the Greens are a refuge for exiled Dems? But those numbers were impressive. And then another Green, Clements in South Carolina of all places, getting 9 or 10% in a statewide senate race. What’s that story?

      Also, of the analysis I’ve heard points to the change in polling around prop 19 in California when Holder and Obama weighed into to declare war on California weed if it passed. I’m sure some Californians who might have voted for it, but in the face of Washington’s stance, decided a three year battle with the feds wasn’t good for the state. Why is the Federal government commenting on a local ballot initiative before it is even voted on? Well, herb is on the march and prohibition is insane so lets hope the the two will meet and strike a blow against the ‘drug war’.

      And finally from the polls I have read the ‘lower’ you go in terms of educational background or income, the greater chance you have to support a third party candidate (not always ones we would approve of, but there you are). While the more education you have the less, far less, likely you are to vote apart from the two-party system (same is true with money). Men are more likely then women to vote third party (can someone explain that to me?) and urban and rural has little effect, though blacks and other ‘minorities’ were slightly more likely to vote independent than whites. So if working and poor people without much in the way of formal education (some of whom live miles and miles from the college campus) are most likely to vote for a third party candidate, might I suggest that they, rather than despairing liberals hovering around the Dems, might be the material on which to build a political alternative?

      Oh, and thanks to all you Howie Hawkins voters, the Greens have regained ballot status in NY state.


  4. Thanks for the advice rust belt. I didn’t have any vodka so I used gin. I was happy to vote for Matt Reichel today along with other Illinois Greens.


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