10 comments on “Subjects And Sovereigns

  1. Cada dia apareix un nou espai de lluita, encara no és sufiient, cal avançar les resistències davant les ofensives més brutals del capitalisme des de la II Guerra Mundial. Joves, estudiants, obrers, precaris, dispersió…cal coordinar les lluites a gran escala i impugnar la farsa del capitalisme. El subjecte està canviant, la classe obrera perd la seva identitat i s’amplia el radi del subjecte revolucionari que és el de tots els desposseïts del món. Cal coordinar lluites anticapitalistes i demostrar que les opresions de genere, culturals, politiques, mediambientals o psicològiques tenen un comú denominador que les vincula en el relat capitalista. Respostes anticapitalistes contra dominació capitalista. SALUT I REVOLTA



  2. I say we give all the Windsors and there assorted interlocked regressive gene-pooled partners the full measure of bourgeois justice:

    First we give them a fair trial.
    Then we hang them.


  3. I was just talking to someone about how the unions, with their years of routinism and bureaucracy, would be utterly incapable of mounting anything like these demos. Hopefully the next generation will boot out this last one.


  4. the fire this time in Britain as with France did not stop the bourgeois parliament from enacting their laws. and indeed the dead weight of the labour aristocracy might -for a while- bear on the spirit of working class revolt, but yes; this memories will ignite quests in a number of young minds some of whom will be in the unions in the subsequent period and also yes…I LOVE THE SIGHT OF THE PICTR! tnx rustbelt!


  5. yeah is good, but the new law the students were protesting against still went through Parliament!
    hopefully the students’ protests shall prompt the workers’ movement into action: outside of essay-land jobs and services and lives are being cut in uk with barely a care by the capitalists who routinely over-estimate the size of dagger needed
    …..and it’s just not the same at all for workers to disregard their “traditional leaderships” ie the unions as the students’ did with the NUS


  6. Thanks rust belt radical for making my day. The look of horror and surprise on Camilla’s face was what gave me a rush.

    As you say, if it can happen in Britain it can happen in the USA.


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