2 comments on “Secession: What Was It All About?

  1. Hey guys you all seem to think that Lincoln was right. It is my belief that the South should have been allowed to secede. Then this country would have been divided in two and the worst poison would have been removed from it’s blood stream. As it happened we swallowed the full douche. Lincoln was as much a manifest destiny man as the southerners. The North and the South were the same in that respect, probably in most others also.
    Rivers of blood. Oh well!


    • the south did include the slaves too tom, wishing for secession is to damn them. the equivalency you claim between north and south is belied by reconstruction; the most radical and democratic experiment in our history and only made possible by the union military victory. lincoln was strongly opposed to the mexican-american war, the quintessence of manifest destiny, not the southern position, btw. yeah, both north and south were built on expropriation and genocide, those would continue whoever won, but chattel slavery wouldn’t. between wage slavery and chattel, which would you choose for yourself?


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