9 comments on “Tunisia, A Restless Winter Walk, Victor Serge

  1. People who dare to confront the oppression are always worth remembering. but, this reminded me Serge’s those words;

    What will become of us in twenty years’ time?” we asked ourselves one evening. Thirty years have passed now. Raymond was guillotined: “Anarchist gangster” (so the newspapers). It was he who, walking towards the worth Dr Guillotin’s disgusting machine. , flung a last sarcasm at the reporters: ‘nice to see a man die, isn’t it?’I came across Jean again in Brussels, a worker and a trade-union organizer, still a fighter for liberty after ten years in gaol. Luce has died of tuberculosis, naturally.
    For my part, I have undergone a little over ten years of various forms of captivity, agitated in seven countries, and written twenty books. I own nothing. On several occasions a Press with a vast circulation has hurled filth at me because I spoke the truth. Behind us lies a victorious revolution gone astray….


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  3. Serge est le meilleur poète de la révolution. Aujourd’hui, des milliers de Paris était électrisé par l’action des masses tunisiennes. L’espoir est devenu réalité. Révolutionnaire de voeux, Damien


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