9 comments on “Libya: Rank Imperial Hypocrisy

  1. it is a bloody good rant!spot on.swearing or no swearing.And yes,if working people still had organizations like those of yesteryear we in Australia,the US etc would be able to do much more…….as it stands,it seems a lot of people become disoriented and start supporting no fly zones etc…..but doesn’t it all boil down to ‘who does what to whom?’……imperialist interventions always benefit the rulers!!!!


  2. “The US doesn’t want to take over all of the Arab countries…just the one’s with oil.”
    Stan Smith, CIA agent on “American Dad”

    As far I know Libya just happens to sit on a fairly nice size deposit of oil. So does Iraq and the Sudan, two other targets of imperialist, I mean, “humanitarian” intervention. And doesn’t Mo’ sell most of his stash to the Chinese and the U.S.’s rivals in Europe (just like Sadaam Hussein did and Sudan does)?

    Pardon my “vulgar materialism,” but, maybe, just, maybe, this might have somegthing to do with the U.S. displaying such touching concern for “democracy” in Libya while their pals in Saudi Arabia are working over time to crush the revolt in Bahrain (where their fleet is parked) as well as the one beginning to brew amongst their “own” people. Oh yeah; doesn’t Saudi Arabia have something to do with oil as well (pun intended)?


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