4 comments on “Yemen, Hillary Clinton and Imperial Hypocrisy

  1. asha,

    Thanks for the kind words, it’s always nice to get positive feedback. I’m not sure this profile allows for a facebook connected ‘like’ button, but then even the toaster and the combustion engine remain a mystery to me. Anybody out there in wordpresslandia know how that might be done?



  2. Dude, someone posted rustbelt radical on facebook and I’m so glad. I love this site!!! please add a “Like” button for facebook.


  3. As they used to say in the sixties, a government’s foreign policy is a mirror image of its domestic policy. In other words, a government, or rather a system, that exploits and oppresses people within its own house isn’t about to behave any differently in someone else’s. And if back then that held true for JFK/LBJ as well as for Nixon, then today it’s the same deal whether we’re talking about Bush and Cheney on the one hand or Clinton and Obama on the other.

    Indeed, it’s the Clintons, the Albrights, the Samantha Powers and the rest of the “muscular internationalists” in the Democratic Party who are far more gung-ho for bombing Libya today (and Yugoslavia back in the ’90s) in the name of “human rights” than Republicans ever were or are now.


  4. Com sempre, rustbel radical, apuntant amb precisió damunt de les realitats neocolonials i ajustant la cartografia de les revoltes lògiques i necessàries que cal proveïr de la coordinació i de la substància internacionalista imprescindible per demostrar que un altre món és possible. Anticapitalisme!


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