8 comments on “Marxism Casts Its Eye On Empire

  1. How is it that there are people in Solidarity who have probably read all or most of the materials you have cited who actually SUPPORT US/NATO (i.e., imperialist) intervention in Libya? This is, of course, nothing new, since they supported the US bombing Serbia back in the 1990s. Maybe they need to read more on the class nature of the state as well.


  2. Maybe these authors are more academic, but I think that they do have a good angle on imperialism:

    Ellen Wood, Empire of Capital.
    Leo Panitch, many numerous articles (especially in Socialist Register).
    Hannes Lacher, Beyond Globalization.
    David McNally, Another World is Possible


  3. This is a nice short list, and brilliant that you’ve found the usable links. Even in its current form as a short list, we need some Amilcar Cabral.
    http://www.marxists.org/subject/africa/cabral/index.htm. There’s so much material that would be fantastic for this list, but it’s just not digitized yet. It’s moments like this I wish the Marxist Internet Archive was 8 times as large as it is currently.
    I think the Rustbelt should continue to do these short reading lists from time to time, on different specific topics each time. Certainly you could put together damn good ones on Marxist writings about Irish Republicanism or the US Civil War in a heart beat.
    So give us more well-curated reading lists with links to the texts!


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