17 comments on “The Queen Visits And James Connolly Has Something to Say About It

  1. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about it too much- the royal family doesn’t really have law making power, just celebrity power. As for Ireland, I recall somewhere that they aren’t as fond of the IRA and ultra nationalism currently as you seem to think they are.


    • Jenny,

      Did you read the post or Connolly’s article at all? Their ‘legal’ position is irrelevant. It is what they represent and reinforce; class division, the imperial tradition and deification of the state. As for ‘celebrity power’ (though that is hardly all they are), that is fully a part of ruling class hegemony, both its reflection and its legitimization.

      It is as an internationalist that I am opposed to imperialism. How about you?


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  3. Thanks to all who responded. I was just curious because I noted while looking at the Guide to Archives of Irish America’s pamphlet collection that they have two copies of The Royal Visit by the Irish Socialist Republican Party. Dublin published in 1903.


  4. For some reason, I attempted to share this on Facebook and was told there is abusive content in it. This sounds like censorship. It certainly reeks of it. I had no problem putting it on Twitter and StumbleUpon.


    • I’ve no idea why that is Connie (I didn’t even swear once in this post!). Maybe Zuckerberg is a royalist. I had no problem when I pasted the URL in the links tab on my wall. Hopefully someone didn’t flag my blog.


  5. What’s the source of Connolly’s text. Was it a separate pamphlet? I hope some of the groups organizing against the visit reprint this.


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