6 comments on “Along the Ohio: Freedom Bound

  1. Hello my name is chris campbell and my family goes back in gallia county to the early 1820s one of my descent relatives was randall
    newman a mulatto man from virginia .he got married there in 1820. And I can trace some family to the lambert lands. The millers and the evans.drop me a line crutch48@gmail.com


    • Chris,
      Fascinating. I’d love to hear any old stories, clues, etc. Everyday heroes, freedom fighters and farmers. I’d like to put together something like a “Freedom trail” that connects the different antebellum rural black communities in Ohio. We are so unaware of the long, rural black tradition in the north. We know about black migration from the south to the cities and rural sharecropping in the south, but our public knowledge and imagination about the largely self-reliant and politically active black farming communities in the states just north of mason-dixon? almost nothing.


  2. Thanks Sean, I have been paying attention to the NYTimes Disunion blog. It is, along with the movie reviews, the only reason I look at the Times any longer. The piece by Blight is excellent, thanks for the heads up!


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