8 comments on “Was the dead body naked or dressed for a journey?

  1. I was lucky enough to hear him address an anti-war rally towards the end of the intervention by NATO in the former Yugoslavia. Sadly I remember very little about it, except, that in rather an ironic turn of events, the authorities insisted the rally had to finish outside the Imperial War museum. Quite a big protest if I remember correctly, a sad precursor to the even larger ones we had to have a few years later when Blair really got into his stride.


    • That’s around the time he came to my attention as a political person. When all of the left-liberals and progressives were lining up to support NATO in the name of humanitarianism it was rare to see a rebuttal. I remember him, in his particular voice, calling the NATO strikes a ‘bandit action’. It was brave of him then, a bravery he showed to the end.


  2. You should have posted the whole of Pinter’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech. I loved the way he spit in the face of American gloating.

    Thanks getting this much out though.


  3. Wow, I heard about Pinter doing Krapp’s but didn’t know it was up on youtube. Thanks for the heads up!


  4. are you reffering to the celebrity husband of ‘lady’ Anotnia fraser and Commander of the Order of the British Empire? I bet you never got invited to his dinner parties


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