One comment on “Hossam el-Hamalawy: Social Media, Workers and the Egyptian Revolution

  1. Great site rustbelt, thanks for brechts poem thompsons song ,buzzcocks video, and the very informative and historical articles you post.I guess I am a bit like yourself coming from Coventry in England, which attracted lots of migrants including my parents to work in the car factories and engineering companies.In fact in the 60’s they called us boom town, struck me as rather strange as we lived in council estates, and never had much money.Now after 30 years of neo-liberal economics, and a further attack on the working class by neo-liberal scum under the cover of austerity, we are set to strike on the 30th Nov. I am hoping this union sponsored strike, but encompassing wider social groups such as the disabled,pensioners,care workers,unemployed,firefighters, we will begin to see the raising of the consciousness of working people and so can begin to build a real movement of resistance. Ther are many working people in Britain who are greatly encouraged by the actions of the American working class, and perhaps a bit surprised at their militancy. I think there should be a lot more contacts and solidarity between British and American trade unionists, and socialists, something which I believe has been lacking in the past.


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