5 comments on “Socialism and Democracy: A Talk by James Cannon

  1. Cort Greene talks nonsense. Cannon castigated Grant and his clique for putting personal dislikes and tactical disagreements *above* the call- made by Trotsky himself- for uniting British Trotskyists in advance of the founding of the Fourth International. Cannon a revolutionary of the highest caibre. Comments by Greene on the evolution the SWP are simplistic rubbish; Cannon was not in the Party leadership after the mid 1950’s, he moved to LA.


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  3. “Uncle Joe” Cannon was correct on some things but he was not as democratic in dealing with other sections of the 4th International like the British and Ted Grant and Jock Haston in which he undermined starting in 1938.

    After World War 2 he and the SWP made mistake after mistake and never corrected them to the point of degeneration and becoming a book club today.


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