7 comments on “James Connolly: Class Government and Class War

  1. Es tracta d’un veritable moment aquí, Àngel. No sé a on va, però ja ha obert les possibilitats d’ahir impossible. El renaixement d’un radical d’Amèrica és fonamental per a les lluites a tot el món. Realitzem un gran pes i encara no estan a l’altura. Però és bonic veure com un despertar de l’acció!


  2. Com sempre, The Rustbelt Radical en la línia de divulgar el llegat de l’esquerra lluitadora! Molt bons articles. Equipatge per la revolució. Salutacions des de Barcelona: Indignats 15-M movement.

    20-novembre: Eleccions a l’estat espanyol. Candidatura “Anticapitalistes”. anticapitalistas.org. revoltaglobal.cat.

    Salut, an-ti-ca-pi-ta-lis-me!


    • That’s not surprising. I haven’t seen numbers on cabinet posts here. It should also be noted that the the millionaires are hardly all Republicans. Democrats make up very nearly half of them overall and more than that in the Senate.


  3. Connolly was a magnificent propagandist. These days such people are incredibly rare. While part of this is no doubt due to the internet and other forms of modern technology, part of it is also due to the separation of the left from the working class.
    Philip Ferguson


    • Philip-Yeah, and in the mix of that is, until recently, we haven’t seen much of a class struggle from which a Connolly might emerge (and engage). Maybe some of his caliber are emerging as we write. My guess is so.


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