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  1. Good to see you back….you could be describing the situation in Australia.The Labor Party is governing like the Liberals(Tories) and the Greens are trying to position themselves as ‘responsible economic managers’!!!!


  2. Glad to see you’re back in action and, as usual, on the money.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the disconnect between what we used to call the “objective” and the “subjective” factors. For all of the left’s commentaries about “the worst economic crisis since the “Great” Depression,” what passes for a “Marxist” left in this country is even more powerless and uninfluential than it was before. Meanwhile, anyone and everyone you meet hates bankers in particular and the rich in general more than Yankee fans hate the Red Sox and vice versa.

    Of course, the traditional “lesser evil” liberal-leftists, who, as you point out, support any and every Democrat at the drop of a hat, are at it again. What was it the old guy with the white beard once said about history repeating itself, first time tragedy, sceond time farce, twentieth time, bad Star Trek re-run. Last time around, “hoping for change,” they passed themselves off as “Progressives for Obama,” mistaking an advertising campaign for a mass movement. Now they’re back in “ABB” mode, urging those they led off the streets and into the polling places (remember the anti-war movement) to yet again vote against some-one rather than for some-one. For even a Carl Davidson has to admit that the only good thing about Obama is that he isn’t Romney. Seems that Obama listened more to the millionaires that owned him than to the millions who voted for him and that “insiders” like Carl and Co. have about as much influence as we sectarian “outsiders” do.

    It should be clear that if there is ever going to be a real left in this country, it’s going to have to get beyond these burned-out baby boomers and old “New Leftists” who combined the worst of aspects of 1930s popular front Stalinism (class collaborationism) with 1960s Maoism (white guilt-tripping and identity politics) during the Reagan years. Now that they’ve “matured” and gotten revolution out of their system, they’ve come to make a career out of smothering any and every movement they gain control of by herding it into the Democratic Party, the Roach Motel of the left. Radicals go in, “progressives” come out, or rather never come out. Indeed, if electing Obama was supposed to create more “space” for the left to operate in (outside of the rather limited space available within the corporate-controlled Democratic Party), they certainly didn’t make much use of it, refusing to demonstrate against what they used to call the “Bush agenda” once Obama made it his own the last four years. That was left to the Occupy movement.

    Indeed neither the anti-globalization movement that came out of the Battle of Seattle nor the Occupy movement owed their emergence (or their subsequent growth) to that milleau. Say what you will about anarchists and the shortcomings of their “politics,” but “Another World is Possible” is just so much more appealling a vision than “the lesser of two evils,” isn’t it? Since the reformist left doesn’t believe that “another world is possible” and their whole world revolves around the “real politik” of influencing the Democratic Party, the movements they mis-lead are always against some aspect of the system that they seek to fix rather than nix, rather than against the system as a whole, and, therefore, they offer no alternative.

    The better and more political anarchists are, at least, anti-systemic (rather than single issue oriented) and most importantly, in the case of Occupy, their emphasis was on the kind of economic issues that directly effect the 99% (i.e, the working class) and have the potential, if connected to them (and their organizations and struggles through the medium of rank-and-file trade unionists) to really hit the 1% bosses where they live (and I don’t mean in Zuccotti Park). And come to think of it, that was what the socialist and then communist workers movements, when they really were “Marxist,” were built upon to begin with


  3. Shared on Facebook. You have described the situation with great precision. Like you, I wish I knew what it would take get a mass party of the working class off the ground, but it will have to come. We should be battening down the hatches for Obama’s second term, Romney and Ryan have played their part in making more attacks on the gains of the Thirties appear reasonable, as long as it is the Democrats doing it.


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