3 comments on “Bernadette McAliskey says ‘Yes’ to Scotland ending the ‘United Kingdom’

  1. And agreeing with Sandy here:

    As a consequence (of the advance of the neo-liberal agenda) the national question began to re-emerge in Imperialist nations themselves, as the advance of neo-liberal ideology encouraged the local bourgeois in regions of states that were historic nations to seek direct relations with imperialism, largely but not exclusively with US imperialism and its transnationals. The foremost regions that have begun to press fresh demands for self-determination are Catalonia in Spain and The Basque Country in Spain and France, the Veneto (Venetian) region of northern Italy the Flemish region of Belgium and Scotland. The motivation of the bourgeoisie who lead all these movements is the same, to enrich themselves by establishing closer relations with Imperialist finance capital, to increase the super-exploitation of their own working class and to cease to subsidise the poorer regions.


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