7 comments on “From Pamphlets to Power – Collecting the History of the Revolutionary Left: An Interview with Radical Archivist Brad Duncan. Part One

  1. There are institutions around the country that collect and preserve the history of the American Left. I believe the major is considered to be the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Hope Mr. Duncan keeps this in mind when pruning his collections.


    • I’m the director of one of these institutions, albeit a small one, called the Holt Labor Library. We are a brick and mortar library in San Francisco. hll.org and come visit! We would love to have any extra’s as well with the chance they might be digitized since we work with the renown Riazanov Library Project that did the stunning issues of The Liberator.

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  2. Wonderful project! Glad to see fellow revolutionary archivists at work. What plans for digitizing the works so they don’t crumple away from history?

    David Walters for the Marxists Internet Archive

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