3 comments on “Provisional Sinn Fein Stoops Further

  1. How you could take from anything I wrote that I support a return to war is beyond me. By constantly (and falsely) posing a return to war as the only alternative to the sectarian settlement is to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sinn Fein shares power with one of the most right wing parties in Europe in a sectarian state. How could any socialist support that? Sinn Fein don’t work with the British? You better tell that to the British, since the entire process has been predicated on just that reality (those paychecks are made out in sterling, not euros). Clearly we disagree.


  2. Posts like this play no part in the current peace process. How could anyone advocate a return to the dark old days gone? The vast vast majority of peoples’ support the current peace process and it will stay with the will of the people. I believe as a voter Sinn Fein have an excellent strategy in place which will over time see the re unification of our island and the only thing that will come of any dissenter activities will be a delay in this process and could potentially disrupt the entire peaceful strategy led by SF. If the majority of people want to live in peace how can you justify your actions. You have no mandate and can only serve to cause terror in the communities. I am only 19 and only caught the end tail of the troubles and that alone was strong enough to ensure that I never witness a return to those days. You know SF don’t “work” for the British. . They don’t take their seats in a foreign parliament and denounce Britain’s claim over the six counties. This is all ridiculous. We all have the same agenda here. . we all want a united Ireland but the difference is Sinn Fein have a mandate for their strategy. It’s time you accepted that fact and moved on to either get on board with SF are just retire.


  3. The Irish struggle has given us some of the most thoughtful, committed, selfless fighters against imperialism the world has ever known, It has also given some of the most groveling, dishonest, prostrating ex-fighters against imperialism. Some time all in the same person……….


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