3 comments on “Cincinnati Socialist Dan La Botz For US Senate!

  1. Obviously if there is no viable left alternative, right wingers mascarading as “populists” will be quick to cash in on the “frustration, alienation and discontent” brought about by the pro-war and pro-Wall Street Obama administration. And since the mainstream liberal left, from the AFL-CIA down to UFPJ all support the Democrats, and pose no such alternative, why is that surprising? Good luck to LaBotz, at least he’s got the balls to swim against the current, pun intended, and try to present the alternative that the larger “left” is to too craven and cowardly to do.


  2. I agree, but that’s the article’s language, not Dan’s. He is quoted as saying “We can see the growing frustration, alienation and discontent with our political system. We see it in the Tea-Baggers…” I don’t know who wrote the article, but the Beacon is not a left wing paper.


  3. Would be great if his candidacy is a succes but it’s weird to mention the Tea Baggers as an example of an ’embryonic movement for social change’


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