3 comments on “Geographica Ohia Part I: Mounds and Morgan’s Raiders

  1. Dave X,

    I don’t know enough about St. Louis and I should. I know that the most radical armies of the Civil War, along with South Carolina, were in Missouri with some of Marx’s old friends (and foes) from ’48 playing leading roles there along with the Kansas radicals like the Anthonys (of Susan B. fame) and the Browns (of John fame). I guess St. Louis had a large German immigrant community at the time and being a slave state there was a civil war within the civil war there. Thanks for the Farrar song. It is perfect. There’s a ton of Tecumseh markers around Chillicothe, sometimes it seems every other podunk motel is named “Indian Mound” or “Tecumseh” and nobody knows anything about either. Here’s the hit to the marker for his birth. It’s hilariously phrased and needs to be replaced by something more…well, truthful. I’ll have part II up in a couple of days.



  2. Dave, perfect song to go with the post. RBR great post. Its a summer trip I want, to follow in the footseps of tecumseh the greatest ohioan ever born.


  3. I have always been fascinated by the mound building cultures of the Midwest. I once took a trip to see Cahokia (outside St. Louis), a major site of the diffuse ‘Mississippian’ civilization, a later historical relative of the Hopewell. It is quite impressive. St. Louis also has an interesting history of class struggle. As part of the great railroad strike of 1877, workers in St. Louis organized a defacto commune. In a bit of grim irony the last troops being pulled out of the south as an end to Reconstruction were used to put it down.

    Here is Jay Farrar’s Cahokian, gives me chills:


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