5 comments on “Rebranding Bigotry in the North of Ireland

  1. Thanks for your support. My case was finally dropped and I now finally live free in Belfast though I can’t go back to my country. The prosecution against Inaki is still in process.

    You are right about the ideology of loyalism although fortunately there are some good people within the PUP who are working hard for the unionits working class while strengthen relations with republican community workers.

    All the best


  2. Two Basque nationalists, Iñaki de Juana and Arturo Beñat Villanueva, are currently facing extradition hearings in Belfast where they fled and have many supporters among republicans here’s a link. This might be part of it though the loyalists don’t need an excuse to burn an ikurrina. Although I am not sure how supporting the Spanish State is an homage to God (the protestant one) and Ulster. Loyalism has an empathy for the oppressor I suppose. When I was there a couple of years ago there were Israeli flags fluttering from posts all over loyalists estates. For Queen and Country really means keeping the top rail on top and the bottom rail on the bottom. Which seems to be the entire political ideology of loyalism.



  3. The Ikurrina doesn’t surprise me. They’d through in a Tamil flag and a PKK flag if they could find one.


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