4 comments on “Engels on ‘Darwinists’ and “bellum omnium contra omnes”

  1. Your headline — “Engels on Darwin and ‘bellum omnium contra omnes’ is unfortunately misleading. Nowhere in his letter does Engels criticize Darwin. All of his references are to “Darwinists” and “Darwinian” views. Throughout he is referring not to Darwin or his views, but to the social darwinists who were becoming prominent in Europe at the time.


    • Ian,

      How about if I change the title to “Engels ‘Darwinists’ and…? My cluncky headline contains no malice, I assure you. There is a kernel of critique in Engel’s opening sentence “Darwin’s method of proof (struggle for life, natural selection) I consider only a first, provisional, imperfect expression of a newly discovered fact”, but you are, of course, correct that his aim is directed at the social Darwinists and not Darwin. That is precisely why I posted it.



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